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About Epuhome

We are confident that to transform the world, it is essential to create opportunities where they may not seem to exist. Making the seemingly useless valuable. Giving a fresh meaning to what has lost its purpose. Harnessing what others see as waste and turning that end into a new beginning.

We are agents of change. Contributing to the sustainable development of our city and the industry as a whole, we utilize discarded tire rubber as our raw material.

Our history

Epuhome is a family venture based in the commune of Antofagasta, born in 2019 with the realization that tire burning posed a pressing need to leave a cleaner planet for our children, grandchildren, and neighbors. Recognizing this challenge as an opportunity, we set out to make a difference and create a positive environmental impact. Through the production of various industrial products such as non-slip flooring, wedges for vans and trucks, and more, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of our city. Our primary raw material is recycled tire granules.

Benefits for companies

We develop Circular Economy

We transform disused tire waste into our main raw material.

We work from Social Innovation

We work to generate an economic, environmental and social impact, thinking about the health of the population and generating a cultural change in how we see our garbage.

Reduce carbon footprint

We take the waste from our city to turn it into objects with added value.

Sustainable Products

Our products are 100% sustainable and friendly to the environment.


Our products maintain the enviable qualities of rubber, including durability in harsh conditions and climates.

Commitment to the local community

With our products, we reduce waste from the mining industry in our region, improving the community.

We embrace Sustainable Development Goals

N°3 Health and well-being, N°8 Decent work and economic growth, N°11 Sustainable cities and communities, and N°13 Climate action.