Non-slip puzzle floor


Non-slip puzzle floor 49×49 cm in and 10mm thick, this product will allow you to create an area to carry out all kinds of work and activities with greater safety and comfort, providing stability, reducing the impact generated against an ordinary floor, it is non-slip and is 100% based on circular economy.

The floor is made from recycled tire rubber, which can be painted with a yellow border to demarcate work and safety zones, or it can be painted with yellow stripes to be used as a pedestrian crossing. Ideal for improving areas that require security or a surface to prevent accidents due to falls or blows, such as wet areas or pedestrian crossings. It has a puzzle-type union to join the square meters that are needed for interior and exterior work, surround equipment or machinery, or create a recreation space for workers.

By purchasing one of these products you are contributing to recycle 25% of a tire.

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